Download in PDF the Javier Navas Quintet dossier, with all the necessary information for its promotion, hiring and technical details.


The quintet led by Javier Navas is a visit to an authentic jazz repertoire full of modernity, a group where Javier’s vibraphone plays with greater doses of expression and energy.

Since 2014, Javier has been working with a rhythm section of proven musical quality. Juan Galiardo (Jerry Bergonzi, Joe Magnarelli, Dick Oatts, Dave Santoro, Gregory Hutchinson) on piano. Bori Albero (Chano Domínguez, Lee Konitz, Dado Moroni, Barry Harris) on double bass. And Dani Dominguez (Jorge Pardo, Chano Domínguez, Perico Sambeat, Kase.O) on drums.

The group has created its own language through more than a hundred concerts over the years, performing a wide repertoire under the authorship of Javier Navas; a repertoire that has been strengthened in 2016 with the arrival of Enrique Oliver on tenor saxophone to complete the front line, turning the quartet into a heterogeneous group of five members.

With two studio albums, Finally in my hands (2016) and Fresh start (2018), the group has toured the vast majority of the Spanish geography, participating in important cycles and festivals, highlighting the II Circuito Andajazz, the AIE Artistas en Ruta programme, Festival OFF Jimmy Glass, Festival Jazz Abierto de Málaga, Festival Internacional de Jazz de Lugo, Ciclo 1906, Ciclo Auditorio La Bilbaína, Festival Internacional de Jazz de Melilla, Jamboree Jazz Club, Jimmy Glass, Recoletos Jazz Club, Festival de Invierno de Málaga, Elcercano, Filloa Jazz Club, Nova Jazz Cava.

La revolución (Blue Asteroid Records, 2022) is the new album by Javier Navas Quintet, in which the group continues to develop its own language, an authentic voice, within the national jazz scene. The music that makes up La revolución responds to a cry of listening, of vital self-affirmation sought in the music itself and in Javier’s vital and personal experiences. Since its publication, La revolución has become part of the band’s musical heritage, giving them an authentic style, developing a language that draws from jazz, smooth and neo-soul.

For the year 2022, they have been selected for the AIE En Ruta Jazz Circuit, which will allow them to present La revolución at various Festivals and Cycles throughout Spain.